my studio

All the fixings.


My project studio is perfectly equiped to meet the needs of clients worldwide.
What would have been impossible and cost prohibitive just 10 years ago is widely accessible and affordable today.

The fax machine and FedEx truck has all but been replaced by real-time video conferencing
and online file sharing.

This is a technology driven industry, and mine is completely up to date.
For efficient client service, I use these tools to make communication and file management
as simple and convenient as possible:

  • private client website
    This is the nerve center of managing your project.
    Clients set up their own username and password, and have 24 hour access to all files related to their project.
    Get automatic notification whenever I upload a new audio file for your approval, and send me your comments on my music drafts—all in ONE central location.


    Clients can store their own notes, reference audio files, video clips and more.
    The efficiency of using a tool like this can not be overstated! It is truly awesome.

  • real-time video conferencing
    I can use Skype/Face Time/Google+ for super easy video conferencing, for those times when the phone and email just won’t cut it.
    We can be in the same room together collaborating on your project even if separated by thousands of miles. Isn’t technology amazing?

Equipment and Gear


To create today’s modern soundtrack to a visual presentation, or to sculpt a competitive Music Library track, requires professional caliber tools.

All of the typical ‘bread and butter’ sounds are at my disposal–rock guitars, drums, percussion, bass, piano, keyboards, atmospheric synths, horns, etc.

But in proper hands, modern sound instrument libraries can faithfully reproduce acoustic instruments from all corners of the globe. From African hand drums, to Irish Low Whistle, to Bulgarian Duduk, to Campana Accordian– I have the sounds to make your musical score completely authentic.

Orchestral simulations are a critical part of many music projects, and I can faithfully reproduce orchestral pieces from all four sections of the classical orchestra.

Here’s a partial equipment list for those of you who like to know the details:

  • Mac Pro workstation
  • Metric Halo audio interface
  • Motu Digital Performer [my favorite]/Apple Logic Pro [when I need it]
  • Propellerhead Reason
  • The highest quality sound libraries from Vienna Symphonic Library, Spectrasonics, Eastwest and more

Sometimes only the real thing will do


I am fortunate to have some premium acoustic instruments in my studio:

  • Steinway L grand piano
  • $10,000 acoustic guitar collection
  • Weber Sage Octave Mandolin

And just for fun, to add a little spice

  • harmonica
  • travel guitar
  • mandolin