my philosophy

Rules to live by.


• I have no ego.

Your project is your project. You are in control of it and make all final decisions.

It’s not my job to convince you that my opinion is correct, although I’m happy to present my opinion about musical direction.

It’s my job to listen, to understand, and create a musical translation of your project’s emotional core.


•I’m married to my wife, not my musical ideas.

I can present a starting point, and fully expect it to diverge in all sorts of crazy ways.If you’re a Music Library client, I will never argue about a :5 or :10 second edit, or complain when told that the guitar solo just isn’t working.


•Easy pricing

Most scoring projects are arranged as a simple flat fee, with presumed writer’s share of publishing for broadcast projects. No unpredictable charges or inflated hourly fees.


•Easy access

My client only website gives you 24 hour access to all files related to your project. Get automatic notification whenever I upload a new audio file for you, and send me comments on my music drafts–all in ONE central location. Clients can store their own notes, reference audio files, video clips and more.  Of course, if you have your own project management system in place you don’t have to use mine. But it’s there if you need it.


•Treat people well. Be nice.

It’s the only way to live. Well, the only good way.

I’m a swell guy, I think. A good husband and father, and a decent cook. [I’m good at soup]