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Here you can listen to some of my original song catalog [songs with vocals].

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Row a little boat

[piano | acoustic guitar | bass | strings]
Inspired by a beautiful book entitled, “First You Have to Row a Little Boat”, by Richard Bode (Warner Books, 1993)


All the way from Athens

[piano | bass]


Midnight Lullaby

[acoustic guitar | piano | drums]


Since I first held her hand

[piano | acoustic guitar | organ]

Inspired by an unusually beatiful reading from the Book of Wisdom that perked my ears one Sunday while attending church. I took the Misalette home with me that day–convinced there was a song hiding somewhere in those words. This is what I found 2 days later. It’s Wisdom 7:7-11 if your interested.


The girl who runs no more

[acoustic guitar | piano | cello]

Tells the true story of Amy Wroe Bechtel, who disappeared while jogging in the mountain near her Lander, Wyoming home.
Her whereabouts are still unknown.


With God as my witness and you as my guide

[acoustic guitar]


Invisible Trains

[piano | viola]


Orphan Child
A tribute to my beloved shelter dog, Phyfe.

[piano | viola | cello]


Home Again

[acoustic guitar | piano]



Clear Across the Water

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